Ultima Luxury Sheet Vinyl flooring is a five-star vinyl flooring that offers exceptional comfort, style, and durability at discount vinyl prices. Made with a realistic micro-texture technology, Ultima vinyl flooring duplicates the look and feel of slate, ceramic, wood, and stone to allow you a floor that has crisp, vibrant textures and colors.

“I don’t live on the hills or in the valley, but I live in a modest 2 bedroom with my family. To be honest, my floor is not the thing that makes me smile. But I don’t have to worry about it either. Who has time to worry about flooring, when I have so much to do to care for my family. When I come home, before I have to leave and pickup the kids, that is when I smile, it’s ME time. The time when I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything more than snuggle up with my book. OK, that was about 2 minutes, but the best 2 minutes of the day.”

Ultima Luxury Sheet Vinyl floorin is reinforced with Ultrashield, a nylon and aluminum oxide wear layer to provide unmatched protection that is sure to stand up to the traffic of a busy home. Ultima has an ultra-thick construction that works with the Ultrashield wear layer to give excellent resistance to scruffs, tears, rips, and gouges which can harm the beauty of your floor. Ultima contains an inherent anti-microbial treatment from silver that is applied during manufacturing. The anti-microbial treatment works with a built-in feature to resist discoloration, mold, and mildew to offer you a healthier home.


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